supporting you to flourish

What to expect

Counselling or coaching can be described as a route to discovering and fostering your authentic self, and being you more fully and effectively.

This takes place in a safe and held, confidential environment where you can expect:

    What to expect | Counselling and Coaching with Carole Clements

  • Acceptance and appreciation for the unique human being you are
  • Support and empathy as you explore your inner and outer world and experiment with new ways of thinking and behaving
  • Conversation that encourages recognition of coping, progress and resources
  • Questions that offer the opportunity to discover your depth, values and strengths, and that may challenge habitual perceptions
  • Encouragement to be present with feelings and aware of thoughts in a more neutral and relaxed way, to be kind and compassionate with yourself in your learning and development
  • Outcome orientation, working to enable you to make changes in areas that you feel will make the most difference in your life and being clear and specific about how you will recognise progress towards goals
  • Empowerment arising from feeling that you have a greater range of choice and possibility in your life
  • Enhanced optimism because recognising what you value, what nourishes you, and making congruent choices plays a role in promoting sustainable happiness and contentment. 

Your Part

To get the most from this collaborative work you will be:

  • Open to learning
  • Compassionate and honest with yourself
  • Willing to experiment between sessions


Counselling and coaching takes place in a safe, comfortable, confidential space.  I see clients in two convenient locations:

  • Bath at The Practice Rooms 
  • Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, at The Manu Centre

See the Contact page for location maps.


Your investment is £45 per 50 minute session, or £60 for 90 minutes.

Concessionary rates are sometimes available.

Free Consultation

For prospective clients a 30 minute initial consultation is offered free of charge to determine what you would like from counselling or coaching and give you an experience of how you might benefit.

To Book an Appointment

Appointments can generally be arranged at a convenient time to suit you and last 50 or 90 minutes.

Please contact me directly by phone or email to book an appointment.