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testimonials for Carole Clements“Carole’s experienced approach and personal style completely demonstrate her respect for her client’s experience. Held in this generous attention and with her timely, perceptive questions, as her client I have been free to fully explore and unfold what I have needed for my understanding, wellbeing and authentic development.”

Faith Tait
Hypnotherapist, Trainer, Coach


testimonials for Carole Clements“I find Carole to be warm and sensitive whilst being gently challenging and enquiring in her coaching approach. She is professional, insightful, knowledgeable and boundaried yet empathic, reassuring and encouraging. Her lightness and humour are a great tonic for: conversations that are ‘getting heavy’, for approaching situations from a different perspective and for helping people to recognise their story/drama.”

Kirsty Harper
Life Coach


testimonials for Carole Clements“Carole is a skilled facilitator of personal development and growth. She ‘walks her talk’. She is able to build deep rapport with clients and enable profound personal learning and transformation.”

Ann Ingham


testimonials for Carole Clements“Carole is a very perceptive and insightful coach and one of her reflections has really ‘lived’ with me since she said it during just a short coaching session at an NLP practice group meeting several years ago. It’s something I carry with me to this day and has made a real difference when I’m not feeling confident – I think of this and immediately feel more powerful. I even now use it with my own coachees!”

Caroline Talbott
Leadership and Business Coach