supporting you to flourish

Optimal living

As a counsellor and coach my aim is to support clients to

  • recognise and express their heart’s desires
  • operate from wholeness and love
  • flourish and live a fulfilling life

You can choose a more rewarding life. Current research and common sense indicate that certain attitudes and lifestyles are effective in promoting a meaningful and satisfying life, the content of which will vary individually. 

Optimal Living | Counselling and Coaching in Bath with Carole Clements

Recognition and appreciation of the many blessings and opportunities in life promotes a ‘life is good’ feeling. Simple joy – of being alive – is our birthright. Contentment is available through choice and acceptance of the present moment. Gratitude brings the sense of life being rich, whatever our circumstances. Nature is a constant reminder of the vitality of life.

Components that support a sense of meaning and value in life are:

  • cultivating appreciation and gratitude
  • developing a sense of possibility, confidence, and empowerment
  • promoting physical and emotional health and well being
  • fostering rewarding relationships
  • contributing to life and using your gifts
  • developing capacity for mindful attention, engagement, and focus

What is one small action in daily life might we take to cultivate feeling good?

Find something to appreciate – a smile or kind words from a friend or stranger, the juicy crunch of biting into an apple, flowers in bloom, the sun shining or needed soft rain, or a memory of a pleasant experience. Offer appreciation – every day tell someone – a friend, loved one or co-worker – one thing you appreciate about them.

Researchers at the HeartMath Research Center in Boulder Creek, California, have observed that:

“the feeling of appreciation is the most concrete and the easiest positive emotion for individuals to self-generate and sustain for long periods.”

Read more about that here.

The purpose of this page is to inspire and promote flourishing with specific opportunities to recognise and explore ways to create more balance, contentment, satisfaction, appreciation and love in daily life. The intention is that it will grow and evolve as you and I do. It will relate to resources and benefits of counselling and coaching and will, I hope, contain information of interest and value.