supporting you to flourish


flourishing, Carole Clements Counsellor Coach Bath

The aim of my work is supporting individuals to flourish and be authentically themselves — empowered, joyful, courageous, self-nurturing.

To grow and flourish human beings need a balanced and rewarding life. Modern culture does not promote balance. And a natural tendency toward problem solving means we notice and use energy thinking and worrying about what is not working satisfactorily or what we don’t like in our lives more than what is rewarding and satisfying.

This can be useful in highlighting areas for positive change, but without action or acceptance this perspective diminishes well-being and contentment. Enjoying being alive is our birthright. Recognising what is good in your life and creating space for what nourishes you are positive actions you can take to thrive.

I am sharing resources to promote your flourishing on the resources page, as well as the Inspirational Quotes in the right-hand column of each page.

Counselling and Coaching

Counselling & Coaching in Bath, Carole ClementsWe live in dramatically changing times. Resilience, flexibility and optimism are qualities that support effective management of challenges. Investing thought, time and energy in your personal development can develop and strengthen these qualities.

The more you know what is important to you and recognise how your thoughts and attitude are key to how you feel about yourself and your life, the more easily you can respond to whatever life brings. Every experience is an opportunity for learning, and even setbacks may bring unexpected benefits and growth.

If there are changes you would like to bring about and things you would like to create in your life, it can be helpful to reflect and consider different choices in a supportive, confidential environment such as counselling and coaching can provide.

Feel free to contact me to find out more about the possibilities for positive change that counselling and coaching can facilitate.